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    Fighting Cancer 20 Different Ways

    Cancer is an enemy that must be fought. When you read this book, you will discover that you have more power than you think to defeat cancer. You and your loved ones are not powerless over cancer. Dr. Francisco Contreras has dedicated twenty-two years sharing this message with thousands of cancer patients, offers practical and empowering scientific information that will give you hope.

    In Fighting Cancer 20 Different Ways, Contreras and Daniels Kennedy, who has more than a decade of experience counseling cancer patients, explain twenty specific things you can do to lower your risk of getting cancer or improve your change of surviving the disease.

    When you're ready to take the battle to the enemy... 

    • How to lower your cancer mortality risk by 60 percent just by adapting a healthy diet and lifestyle - what you eat can heal you
    • When chemotherapy is effective-and when it isn't
    • How conventional and alternative medicine can work together to fight cancer
    • How emotional and spiritual therapies can help your body heal

    Cancer-Free: Are You Sure?

    Roughly 38 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, according to the National Cancer Institute. Breast cancer survivor and nurse Jenny Hrbacek knows it doesn't have to be that way. Americans are led to believe that the only way to discover cancer is by waiting for a tumor to grow big enough for a mammogram, biopsy, or PET scan to detect it. Jenny Hrbacek proves this to be wrong. Tumors can grow undetected for seven to ten years. Knowing this, you can intervene with early testing and avoid chemotherapy and radiation.

    In Cancer-Free! Are You Sure? learn where to get the most-effective tests for early detection, what those tests entail, and how accurate they are. Building on her knowledge as a nurse as well as her own journey with breast cancer, Hrbacek gives you the tools to be an advocate for your own health.

    • Steps to access the most-current early-detection, genomic and chemosensitivity tests
    • Treatment options other than chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation
    • Resources to connect you with integrative cancer physicians
    • Insight as to which drugs and natural therapies are effective for your cancer

    If you've already had cancer and you think you're cancer-free, Hrbacek challenges you to validate that status.

    The New Bible Cure for Cancer, a Dietary Answer

    Your Dietary Answers to Cancer. Take charge of your health, and live a longer, healthier life. Ancient Truths, Natural Remedies, and the Latest Findings for Your Health Today

    In this concise, easy-to-read book, you’ll discover a wealth of information that will help you prevent and fight cancer. Incorporating the latest medical findings with the timeless wisdom of the Bible, The New Bible Cure for Cancer contains information that you may have never been told, including...

    • The importance of antioxidants—God’s wonder agents against cancer
    • How an anti-inflammatory diet is the key to beating cancer
    • Things you can do today that could save your life

    You want to be healthy, and God wants you to be healthy. Now, at last, here’s a source of information that will help you gain and keep a healthy lifestyle—body, mind, and spirit.



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