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Charisma: The Magazine About Spirit-Led Living. July/August 2023

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Charisma: The Magazine About Spirit-led Living dedicates to empowering believers to live life in the Spirit. Each issue of Charisma magazine contains articles, teachings, and spirit-led resources to gain a more intimate knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

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Cover Story

  • Wielding the Holy Arsenal of Freedom by John Ramirez
  • Satan's 5 Deadliest Weapons of Mass Destruction by Alexander Pagani
  • Most Important Awakening in Church History? by Greg Locke
  • The Deliverance Revolution by Mike Signorelli
  • The Battle for Deliverance by Vladimir Savchuk 
  • A Man's Battle by Sen. Josh Hawley
  • 5 Lessons from the Jesus Movement by Dr. Steven Todd
  • Keys to Building Kingdom Wealth by James Baker
  • America Shall be Saved by James Lasher
  • Why is Satan Attacking Gender? by Bob Ragan
  • Preparing for the Fiercest Battles by Anna Rountree


  • Christian broadcasting giant Pat Robertson dies at 93
  • MLK speech reaches new generations | World Trade Center testimonies amidst terror
  • Greg Lock's Come Out In Jesus Name film proclaims deliverance and revival


8 Fire in My Bones
If God used a flawed hippy, He can use you
- by J. Lee Grady

10 Straight Talk
Three attitudes that help you hear God's voice
- by Joyce Meyer

12 Charisma Classics
 Breaking Barriers (July 1984)
- by Jamie Buckingham

14 Things to Come
Year 60 marks Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream
- by Dr. Alveda King

82 Strang Report
Charging forward into the future
- by Stephen Strang

Customer Reviews

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Karen Wearne

I loved the articles on deliverance, but I am disturbed that Greg Locke is now coming against Daniel Adams saying he is using witchcraft!