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Shawn Bolz got Christianity’s attention with astonishing prophecies at Azusa Now, but his heart is to equip a generation.

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  • Demystifying the Prophetic Seer Anointing
    Seers are rising rapidly in this hour. Discover how the seer anointing works—and why it’s so vital.
  • The Fuel of Revival 
    Understanding the difference between the gospel of salvation and the gospel of the kingdom will radically change your thinking about transforming culture.
  • Miracle Man
    Discover what almost dying taught 85-year-old Morris Cerullo, one of the world’s greatest evangelists, about leaving a legacy.
  • Revelation Decoded
    Many are carrying the mark of the beast right now and don’t even know it. One end-times expert reveals the mystery.
  • Is the Last Move of God Right Around the Corner?
    If you’ve been praying for unity, signs and wonders and the prodigals, now is the time to press into this prophetic perspective.


  • Ex-atheist launches Jesus Clubs in high schools across the nation
  • ‘Drill sergeant’ dad shares critical child-rearing mistakes to avoid
  • Mother issues prophetic call for broken women seeking deliverance


  • Practicing the Power; I’m Not Ashamed; Gospel Fluency and more
  • Reviews of Comfort Detox: Finding Freedom From the Habits That Bind You and Unchained


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