Charisma - 2017 / 09 SEP


The Paradigm

Is there a Master Blueprint that lies behind the events of our times? The Paradigm will reveal it.


  • Will All Isreal Be Saved?
    Discover what the apostle Paul really meant when he wrote Romans 11:26 under the Holy Spirit's inspiration.
  • Isreal Bible Prophecies Unfold Before Our Eyes
    Holy Land watchers and prophecy experts offer scriptual insights into what's happening in the Middle East.
  • Has God Forgotten Isreal?
    Paul the apostle was willing to give up his own salvation to see Isreal redeemed. Where does Isreal stand with God today?
  • Rebuilding the Altar
    Consider what we can learn from the prophet Elisha's ministry in a world burning with sin.
  • 7 Ways to Cultivate Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
    When we discern His heart, we can hear His voice more clearly and follow His leading more accurately.
  • Can You Discern These Spirits?
    The Bible warns us over and over not to be deceived by false gospels and false spirits.


  • Past or explains why you should eat with sinners
  • Former atheist sets out to convince moviegoers Jesus is alive
  • Famed hymn writer challenges Christians to sing as spiritual discipline


  • This month's resources:
    • The Prophet's Manual - Introverts in the Church - In Over My Head - Faith - Wildfires - Whole - Every Piece of Me - Hills and Valleys
  • Reviews:
    • Michael Williams' Hidden Prophets of the Bible 
    • Glory of Zion's Our Song Will Rise

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