Charisma - 2018 / 05 MAY


Healing in the Rivers - It's Happening! Revival at Deeper Fellowship Church

Acclaimed gospel singer William McDowell shepherds a spiritual movement marked by hundreds of healing miracles.


  • 4 End-Times Challenges
    Jesus warned believers living in the end times not to become vulnerable to temptation in four specific areas.
  • The Gift of Autism
    Learn from a highly gifted author who has autism how believers can minister to families touched by this disorder.
  • Women and Sexual Abuse
    Women-and men-have suffered abuse in a climate that has fostered disrespect. Learn how believers can minister to sex abuse victims.
  • The Ruth Anointing
    The Old Testament figure of Ruth left a legacy we can still learn from today. Follow her example to live a life of faith, virtue and destiny.


  • Learn how Christians in America can help the persecuted.
  • A storytelling pastor helps Christians encounter God's love in a new way.
  • An Oral Roberts Univerity graduate influences Hollywood's biggest names.


  • This Month's Resources
    Lee Strobel's The Case for Miracles
    Dave Ireland's, One in Christ
    and Lisa Bevere's, Adamant
    • Reviews
      Choco De Jesus', Move Into More
      and Hawk Nelson's, Miracles

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