Charisma Magazine - 2019 / 09 SEPTEMBER

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    The Oracle Unveiled

    Jonathan Cahn reveals the end-times secret that has stunning implications for the world


    • The Long Pilgrimage Home
      God is using many ministries and organizations to bring Jewish people back to their biblical homeland
    • A Time of Miracles
      Spirit-filled Messianic Jews are performing miracle and leading their Jewish neighbors into relationships with Jesus
    • From LGBT to Set Free
      Jeffrey McCall and the Freedom March movement are living proof no one has to stay trapped in the LGBT lifestyle
    • Healing From the Inside Out
      Jesus' counseling of Peter is a beautiful model of how true brokeness must always precede true spiritual healing
    • Angels of Destiny
      Discover how angels are working behind the scenes to help fulfill God's prophetic word over your life


    • Heidi Baker's ministry helps Mozambique recover from devastating cyclones
    • Eritrean police arrest more than 30 Pentecostal Christians
    • Hong Kong protesters sing and worship in the streets


    • Spirit-Led Resources
      Mac Powell and the Family Reunion's  Back Again
      Joshua D. Chatraw and Karen Swallow Prior's  Cultural  Engagement
      Autumn Mile's  Gangster Prayer

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