Eat Your Way To A Healthy Life

The ZOE 8 Weight-Loss Program

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  • Discover the ideal weight for your body...and live a happier and healthier life

    Today, Ed McClure is a successful husband, father, and businessman. But at age fifty chronic illness brought on by Ed's severe weight problem threatened to steal his success and end his life.

    In one year Ed almost lost 200 pounds, and under his doctor's supervision, he eliminated all prescription medications. How did he do it? Find the answers in  Eat Your Way to a Healthy Life.  It shares vital information about sustainable lifestyle changes that could increase your longevity, resolve or prevent health problems, generate more energy, and improve self-esteem. It's time to tackle the root of your weight and health problems!

    The ZOE 8 Program offers truth, hope, faith, confidence, and encouragement, as well as the knowledge needed to...
    •Avoid the dangerous four "Fs" of food. •Walk away from the myths and bondage of dieting. •Learn to forgive yourself, others, and God. •Identify and break through your roadblocks to health and weight loss. •Realize your hopes and dreams-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. •Create a personalized food plan that embraces your heritage and culture. •Deconstruct and reconstruct your favorite recipes for healthier eating- more than twenty-five tasty recipes are included, plus a seven-day meal plan.
    Let Ed and Elisa McClure introduce you to a more abundant life!

  • Ed McClure is an award-winning restaurateur, having created, opened and managed gourmet restaurants and hotels for thirty-two years. After tipping the scales at over 460 pounds, he discovered weight-loss principles that allowed him to drop 198 pounds and to keep the weight off. McClure is the author of the  The Responsible Cuisine Cookbook.

    Elisa McClure is a dynamic teacher and avid researcher who delights in sharing her knowledge of nutrition with those seeking a healthier lifestyle. She is the director of ZOE 8's innovative food ideas and creator of most recipes for Zoe 8 and the McClure's restaurants. Elisa and Ed have created the ZOE 8 Journey to Wholeness seminars, which they conduct nationwide.

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