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  • Strength for the Battle

    Pursue holiness, engage in effective spiritual warfare, and find strength to stand against the enemy.

    Strength for the Battle: Wisdom and Insight to Equip You for Spiritual Warfare is a book of daily readings will help you learn that spiritual warfare begins with holiness as you examine the three arenas of spiritual warfare that every maturing Christian will face: the mind, the church, and the invisible spiritual realm.
    You will find strength to stand against the enemy by focusing on:

    • Areas of darkness in their hearts that the Lord wants to expose
    • Unity and love—two keys that unlock the power of God to move
    • Jesus and the power He gives to contend in the heavenly realm
    This balanced, biblical view of spiritual warfare will arm you with the discernment, wisdom, and insight you need for taking ground in your life and contending with unseen spiritual forces all around you.


    Holiness, Truth, and the Presence of God: A Penetrating Study of the Human Heart and How God Prepares It for His Glory

    In Holiness, Truth, and the Presence of God, Francis Frangipane takes you on a journey toward true holiness that leads you into the presence of God. It is a path full of life and death, perils and blessings. It is a path upon which you will be challenged, empowered, and provoked. But you will not be disappointed.

    Like the teachings of Jesus, this book strikes hard at pride and self-righteousness. The author's warm, compassionate style draws you in and helps you to recognize how desperately we all need to be more like Christ. Discover the keys to...

    • A more intimate relationship with God
    • A deeper, more meaningful walk in your faith
    • Your hope in Christ rekindled afresh

    What could be more important than finding God? Find God and determine to live the rest of your life in pursuit of His glory. You will dwell in the presence of God. And you will be holy, for He is holy.

    The Shelter of the Most High: Living Your Life Under the Divine Protection of God

    As trouble escalates in the world, we are all looking for a place of protection and safety. In "The Shelter of the Most High" (formerly "The Stronghold of God"), author Francis Frangipane gives trustworthy, Biblical evidence that in the midst of uncertainties and fears, you can find shelter in God and who He is. Once you've found this place, nothing you encounter can defeat you. Learn to find, and remain the stronghold of God.

    I will Be Found in You

    To seek and find God is everything.

    In his forty-three years of seeking after God, Francis Frangipane has learned one simple (yet essential) truth…

    It is in seeking God, that we actually find Him.

    The deliberate movement of our hearts toward God leads us into far more than a simple answer to our need--it leads us straight to Him. We discover God to be an ally whose wisdom is all encompassing and whose power can transform all things with just one look.

    In I Will Be Found by You he shares a collection of some of his best writings on the topic, both old and new, to reveal the key to seeking God and possessing a heart after God--the key that unlocks everything important.



  • Francis Frangipane is the author of numerous books, including Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God, The Shelter of the Most High, and The Three Battlegrounds. Pastor Frangipane is also the founding director of In Christ's Image Training, an online ministry school with students in nearly 80 nations. His heartfelt prayer is to see Christlike pastors and intercessors in every city united before God and revealing the love of Christ to their communities.


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