Stones of Remembrance

How Twelve Visitations of the Holy Spirit Changed One Woman's Life

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  • Stones of Remembrance?

    When I was wrestling with the request of others that I write my life story, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me, "Stones of remembrance." He caught my attention, and I wondered what He was saying. My mind went immediately to Joshua 4:3 where the Lord commanded the Israelites to take up twelve stones from the middle of the river Jordan, one for each of the twelve tribes. It was important to the Lord that the children of Israel make a memorial so that future generations who had not experienced the power of God could understand and fear the Lord.

    As I pondered that fact, I began to understand that the supernatural experiences I had enjoyed were not just for me to receive revelation of God's wonderful truths, but to leave them for others who would follow as well. And not surprisingly, I had experienced twelve different revelations!

    I invite you to share with me the memorial stones that have become my testimony. Learn how God, in His great mercy and loving-kindness, will shine His light on the truth of His Word to open your understanding to His ways.

    —Fuchsia Pickett

  • A respected Bible teacher, the late Dr. Fuchsia Pickett was the author of the best-selling book The Next Move of God. After being miraculously healed of a genetic, lifethreatening disease in 1959, she was baptized in the Holy Spirit and began to minister the Word of God worldwide. One of her many accomplishments include regular contributions to Charisma and SpiritLed Woman magazines. Pickett earned a doctorate in the field of theology as well as a doctorate of divinity.

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