Going To The Next Level

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  • 'Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us." —Ephesians 3:20

    Why should you settle for mediocrity when God almighty desires to bless you beyond your wildest dreams?

    Discover how God created mankind to:
    •Have dominion over the earth •Rule and reign with Christ (with faith and trust)Learn why mankind has not always been able to:
    •Walk in the favor and power of God •Go to higher levels (or “the next level”) of God’s favor •Be successful •Be abundantly blessedGet ready to go to a deeper and more powerful level in God. And as a result, experience the next level of greater blessings that He has for you, exceeding anything you have seen or had before!

    About the author:

    Ellis D. Powell, a passionate, inspirational, and motivational speaker, teacher, and coach, is founder and senior pastor of The Daily Bread, Inc., a nondenominational church in Houston, Texas. He and his wife, Karen, along with their son and two daughters, reside in Spring, Texas.
  • Ellis D. Powell is the founder and senior pastor of The Daily Bread Inc. in Houston, Texas. Ellis offers a positive and refreshing approach to experiencing God in our daily lives. He is committed to helping others reach their highest potential and guiding them to discovering their spiritual gifts for God. Ellis's ministry has helped many find a deeper spiritual meaning while experiencing happier, healthier, and more productive ways of living. He lives with his wife, Karen, and their three children in Spring, Texas.

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    • Publisher: Charisma House
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    • Publication Date: 20060620
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