The Wrath of God

A Novel

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  • The year is 2028. Everywhere, battles rage, and America is conquered—dying slowly beneath the iron fist of its new overlord: China.
    The war between China and the United States didn’t start with an army or a tank or a bomb or a bullet. A simple demand lit the fuse. America owed China $19 trillion, and China wanted its money back. Now.
    But a long string of US Congresses lusting to spend and loathing to save had put America so deep in debt it couldn’t get out.
    So China took the next best thing. America itself.
    The Wrath Of God shows you the realistic future awaiting an America that foolishly gambled on its future—and lost. In 2028, when God’s wrath is revealed, will America rise from the ashes of the fire it started or disappear forever into the charred ground of history? 
  • Jim Balzotti has written more than twenty books on horseback riding and dude ranches. He’s appeared on Good Morning America and Horseman’s Radio Weekly, and written for Western Horseman. Born and raised in East Boston and a graduate of Amherst College, Jim today travels between the Florida’s Treasure Coast and Maine, accompanied by Chopper, his German Shepherd.
    • ISBN-10: 1629985023
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781629985022
    • Number Of Pages: 224
    • Publisher: Charisma House
    • Imprint: Creation House
    • Height: 8.5 in
    • Thickness: 0.5138 in
    • Width: 5.5 in
    • Publication Date: 20160209
    • Language: English

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