Prayers That Activate Blessings + Prayers That Break Curses + Prayers That Release Heaven On Earth

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  • Become A Powerful Prayer Warrior

    God has marvelous plans for His children. The way to access those plans is through prayer.

    Prayers That Activate Blessings

    The definitive resource for learning to walk in covenant blessing and the blessing of obedience, hearing the voice of God and being blessed and accessing the many different ways to receive God’s blessing.

    Prayers That Break Curses

    Your guide for breaking demonic influences, ruling spirits of evil, a spirit of idolatry, addictions, and the seducing spirit of bondage. Learn how to be delivered  from the continuing cycle of generational curses, alcohol and drunkenness, sexual abuses, rebellion, pride and witchcraft.

    Prayers That Release Heaven on Earth

    Your handbook for advancing the kingdom of God here and now. Combining powerful prayers with decrees taken from Scripture, it helps you understand God’s plan and keeps your heart and mind focused on Him.


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