Things You Don't Know About Heaven

What Is Heaven Like? Where Is It? Will I Recognize Loved Ones? What Will My Body Look Like?

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  • Judson Cornwall taught, “Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people and is as literal as the air we breathe.”

    With that in mind, he answers questions such as, Does heaven exist? Where is it? What is heaven like? Will I recognize my loved ones? What does it mean when people say we’ll have glorified bodies? Using solid, biblical teaching, Judson Cornwall provides answers that prove heaven is a real place with real people enjoying God’s presence and challenges readers to stretch their faith and preconceived ideas of what heaven will be like.

    This book shares the author’s own personal story about preparing for stepping from this life into the next.

  • Judson Cornwall was a Binle teacher and in ministry for more than seventy years, which took him around the world. He wrote more than fifty books, including Praying the Scriptures, Let Us Praise, and Forbidden Glory. A former Assemblies of God pastor, Cornwall recorded his books on tape for a blind ministry. The late Judson Cornwall was a beloved and respected Bible scholar.

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