Charisma Magazine - 2019 / 04 APRIL

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    Hillsong's Next Move

    Hillsong Church grew from small beginnings to become an international denomination. Its leaders share what makes Hillsong distinct


    • The State of the Australian Church
      Christian leaders are reaping a harvest of souls in one of the least religious countries on the planet
    • Br(e)aking Generational Cycles
      An encounter with the Holy Spirit inspired this woman to take back her city for Christ
    • The Crux of Christiaianity
      This Easter, take time to remember what separates Christianity from every other religion
    • Unlocking the Hannah Anointing
      Women of God, you have a special, innate calling upon your life
    • Rethinking Solomon
      Discover how Solomon shares more in common with the coming Antichrist than with his father David


    • Archbishop of Canterbury says he speaks in tongues every day
    • Both persecution and prayers for revival are on the rise in India
    • Venezuelan pastor exposes the witchcraft at the center of his nation's crisis


    • Spirit-Led Resources
      ReelWorks Studio's  The Trump Prophecy
      R.T. Kendall's  More of God
      Elisabeth Elliot's  Suffering Is Never for Nothing
      • Reviews
        The Ruins'  self-titled EP
        UPPERRROOM's  To the One

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