Charisma Magazine - 2019 / 08 AUGUST

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    Rise of the Warrior

    Cora Jakes Coleman explains how to claim spiritual victory during even the most difficult seasons


    • How She Overcomes
      Priscilla Shirer bridges divisions in today's church by embracing her identity in Christ
    • The Dark Night of the Spirit
      Pentecostals have let this lingering problem fester for too long, and it's burning out a generation of leaders
    • Operation Jezebel
      The spirit of Jezebel is alive, well and seeking to destroy the body of Christ in the 21st century
    • Step Into the Glory and Miracle Realms
      Believers, don't forget to tap into the power of your new spiritual dimensions
    • Fear Fighters
      Discover how to experience the breath of God and let it drive away your anxiety, fear and insecurity


    • Steffany Gretzinger leaves Bethel Church
    • Alabama passes near-total abortion ban
    • Mike Pence says religious freedom is 'under assault'


    • Spirit-Led Resources
      Hal Donaldson's  Disruptive Compassion
      Ryan LeStrange's  A Higher Dimension
      Nathan Finochio's  Hearing God
      • Review
        Louie Giglio's  Not Forsaken
        Tricia Lott Williford's  Just You Wait

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