Charisma - 2015 / 02 FEB

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Why Christians Are the New Targets of Discrimination

While high-profile cases of Christians caught in the cultural crosshairs are on the rise, the real battle involves the spiritual realm.

Featured Articles

  • U-Turn: How the Church Can Save America 
    Based on years of research and experience, David Carton and George Barna lay out a plan to restore what's been lost in our nation
  • A Prophetic Code to America's Future
    How we can discern the times-and the signs-pointing to America's final spiritual visitation at the time of the end
  • Communicating With God
    A practical guide to developing a stronger life of communicating with God
  • Why Many Churches Exclude the Holy Spirit on Sunday
    As more churches "program out" God's Spirit, here's why welcoming His fullness can change everything
  • Hope in the End Times
    The secret to optimism and resilience in the last days


  • How Dr. Alveda King is seeking to restore her family's dream
  • Perilous return from Everest opens doors of faith for ex-Navy swimmer
  • Doctors admit "miracle" as dead woman rises


  • This month's resources: Jeremy Camp's latest CD, Sid Roth's end-times guide, Keith Butler rules on Grace vs. Judgment, plus more
  • Reviews: Old Fashioned faith-based romance takes on Fifty Shades at the theater, Brandon Heath's No Turning Back

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