Charisma - 2015 / 07 JUL

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Swing Vote

At a time when America is exhibiting signs of an imminent implosion, many consider the 2016 election the 'most important of our lifetime'- one that will greatly affect future generations.

Featured Articles

  • Charisma Media to Launch Podcast Network
    People will hear the 'Charisma Newscast,' Jennifer LeClaire's 'Walking in the Spirit' and other programs via their smartphones and iPods. 
  • Charisma Launches Faith and Politics Site
    Charisma Caucus features cutting-edge political news and commentary in the run-up to 2016 and beyond. 
  • America in the Balance
    In this election, leaders say spiritual solutions, not just political ones, are critical to solving America's formidable problems.
  • The Pivotal Millennial Vote
    Polls show millennials may pick the next president. What can the church do to engage this generation at this pivotal time in history?
  • Why America's First Freedom is in Jeopardy 
    The government has become hostile to religious freedom. America's security and prosperity will elude it until religious liberty is restored. 
  • Spiritual Gift of Prophecy 
    The Tales of a Wandering Prophet author offers tips on using the prophetic gift for God's purpose and glory.


  • Mother healed of addition and abortion
  • The recipe for a new love language?
  • Former Beatles manager tells of redemption


  • This month's resources: R.T. Kendall's new book, Four Blood Moons DC, John Eckhardt's Prophet Arise, plus more
  • Reviews: Matthew West's 'Live Forever,' Jep and Jessica Robertson's The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God

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