Charisma - 2015 / 09 SEP

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The Great End-Time Convergence

As end-of-age signs align, many prophecy experts believe this could be the beginning of the end. Are they right? 

Featured Articles

  • The Babylon Code
    An investigation into the secrets of "Mystery, Babylon" reveals forces are working to create a global government and cashless society. 
  • Global Convergence: A False Utopia
    The Bible and America's Founding Fathers all warned of a world government.  
  • The Tectonic Event
    Will the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding gay marriage bring judgment?
  • Silent Pulpits
    Seven reasons why your pastor may not be preaching on Bible prophecy. 
  • Could the Antichrist Arise From the Eighth Kingdom?
    A new analysis of Scripture identified key traits of the Antichrist.
  • Preparing for the 'Blood Moons Financial Collapse'
    Why many believers are preparing for the worst (even if the blood moons don't bring economic calamity).


  • Darwin Hobbs overcomes early sexual abuse and pursues wholeness
  • Answers in Genesis raises America's first full-scale ark


  • This month's resources: TD Jake's Destiny, the documentary, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, plus more
  • Reviews: Russell Moore's Onward and the award-winning documentary The Drop Box


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