Charisma - 2015 / 10 OCT

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Friends of Zion

A new museum in Israel features Corrie ten Boom, Oskar Schindler and others who risked all to save the lives of Jews and establish the state of Israel.

Featured Articles

  • Israel Set Ablaze for Jesus
    Why the restoration of the Jewish people to their Messiah could be the catalyst to release the greatest Gentile revival in history.
  • Completing the Reformation 
    The film Let the Lion Roar urges Christians to "complete the Reformation" by combating replacement technology in the church.
  • Lost No More
    Follow a rabbi on the trail of the Lost Tribes of Israel, an adventure that reads like a modern-day suspense movie screenplay. 
  • Secrets of Gaining Wisdom 
    Discover God's greatest gift and the key to unlocking your destiny and calling.
  • Dismantling the Enemy's Plans
    Learn how to develop a Christlike identity and break the enemy's most binding force, double-mindedness.
  • Defeating Mental Giants
    Why the smallest "God thoughts" can lead to your greatest victories.
  • Rediscovering the Holy Spirit
    Why the church needs the Holy Spirit now more than ever.
  • Redigging the Healing Wells 
    John G. Lakes healing movement is rising rapidly in Israel.


    • Sheila Walsh encourages believers to take 5 minutes with Jesus
    • Business owner transitions to missions work
    • Candace Cameron Bure's success secret.


    • This month's resources: Billy Graham's Where I Am, Max Lucado's Glory Days, Joyce Meyer's The Mind Connection, plus more.
    • Reviews: Brian Houston's Live Love Lead and Jason Crabb's Whatever the Road.


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