Charisma - 2016 / 02 FEB

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Sounds That Set The Captives Free

Spirit-filled musicians are ushering believers into realms of glory that unlock physical and emotional healing.

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  • Prophetic Art That Preaches the Gospel
    This fine art book inspired by the Gospel of Matthew is taking Yeshua's love to the multitudes.
  • 7Song Shifts Modern Evangelism With Music
    Imagine the gospel communicated through seven songs that tell the full story of creation, the fall and redemption.
  • Delivered on the Road to Damascus
    In the fight to set homosexual captives free, Greg Quinlan is like a modern-day apostle Paul.
  • Can America See a Spiritual Resurrection?
    Faith leaders call on Christians to pray, vote and run for office to return America to its biblically based roots.


        • T.D. Jakes' daughter offers stunning insight for facing trials
        • 'Christian Samurai' movie shows the reality most faith-based films ignore
        • Las Vegas pastor shows power of God in Sin City on reality TV show


        • This month’s resources: War Room; Origins; The Great Deceiver; Out of the House of Bread; Have It All; Steadfast Love; Supernatural Deliverance and more.
        • Reviews: Inheritance and Woodlawn


         and more...

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