Charisma - 2016 / 03 MAR

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Marked For Prayer

Lou Engle has been fasting and praying for America for 30 years, and he prophetically sees another Jesus movement rising.

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  • Why The Cross Should Give Us Courage
    What other religion brags about the death of its leader? Such a notion is so scandalous that no earthly mind conceived it.
  • Can A Christian Be Cursed?
    Some Christians argue every curse was broken at salvation, but the reality is your origins matter. Discover how to break curses with God's word.
  • Invading The 7 Mountains With Intercession
    As we encounter the enemies on each of society's mountains, we must keep our ears tuned to heaven's channel.


        • A prophetic vision leads an MMA fighter int the heart of Africa for Jesus
        • You won't believe how one man responded after a Muslim shot his daughter
        • Young missionaries tackle challenges in an ultra-poor nation


        • Josh and Sean McDowell: The Beauty of Intolerance; Meredith Andrews goes deeper
        • Reviews: Moving Mountains: Angel Armies; The Faith Link; Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today, and more


         and more...

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