Charisma - 2016 / 11 NOV

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Back From the Brink

Jim Bakker's comeback and makeover as a prophetic sentinel should inspire us all.

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  • Behind the Scenes at Jim Bakker's New Work
    Morningside is reminscent of PTL, but I couldn't have imagined the atmosphere I discovered there.
  • Ex-Satanic High Priest Reveals Devil's Tactics
    A prophetic dream led him to Jesus-now he's exposing how the enemy traps Christians ignorant of Satan's devices
  • Trans-Formed
    With the transgender agenda rising, Stephen Evans bravely tells the story of his deception and deliverance from gender confusion.
  • 8 Ways to Help the Gender Confused Break Free
    Three pastors in the thick of the fight offer words of wisdom for compassionate yet uncompromising Christians.
  • Winning the Mind War
    You don't have to live in a state of ongoing struggle and defeat when you apply this mighty revelation to your thought life.
  • Put on Your Prophetic Armor
    Stop the enemy from choking the Word out of your mouth so you can't wield the sword of the Spirit and defeat Satan


  • Best-selling suthor has an urgent message for the self-centered church
  • Why every believer needs to know about apologetics in this hour
  • Inspiring a generation of children to prophetic intercession


  • Hillsong Worship's Let There Be Light; The Passion Live; Bob Fife's Out: One Christian's Experience Leaving the Gay Community; Mark Batterson's Chase the Lion; and much more
  • Review: Tenth Avenue North's Followers


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