Charisma - 2017 / 01 JAN

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Breaking A Killer Stronghold

Our unhealthy relationship with food has left us worn out, obese and discouraged. If I can break free from food addictions, anyone can.

Featured Articles

  • Which Fast Should You Choose
    Many people are unaware of how to navigate the many types of fasts. The Juice Lady offers her nutritional expertise.
  • Digging Out The Spiritual Roots of Depression
    Discover a biblical plan that can bring emotional healing to a hopeless heart.
  • 21 Evenings With The Holy Spirit
    What would happen if you spent your evenings for the next three weeks on a date with the Holy Spirit? Here’s a 21-day plan that could transform your life.
  • God's Answer to a Growing Crisis
    Joel prophesied about the days we’re in, and our sovereign God is waiting on our heartfelt response to His Word.


  • Hollywood pastor inspires Christians to shoot for the stars
  • Spoken-word poet’s hopeful message goes massively viral
  • Chaplain looks inside the heart of a police officer


  • This month’s resources: Courage to Soar; Faithful Presence; Becoming His; Hits Deep; The Growing Crisis; Vanished: Left Behind—The Next Generation; and more.
  • Reviews: Chris Quilala’s Split the Sky and Hillsong’s Let Hope Arise


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