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Where Is YWAM Now?

Last year Loren Cunningham and Mike Bickle essentially married the prayer and missions movement. Now, Cunningham is proclaiming a soon coming revival. Let’s look at the work of YWAM and Cunningham over the years, with a specific focus on where the missions group is going, where he stands on the Second Coming (timing) and revival in America.

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  • Filled With Laughter
    The Bible says a cheerful heart is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22). Maybe that’s why Christian stand up comedians are getting so much attention in a church world constantly barraged with dark and perverse comedy. This article would include Tim Hawkins, Chonda Pierce and Jon Crist to learn more about the power of laughter, their approach to comedy, and why clean comedy is becoming big business.
  • Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
    This is a still a heated debate in the Christian world and apparently it’s a problem, with organizations like the National Association of Christians in Recovery rising up. This article talks to experts and authorities in the church to get both sides of this debate, discuss the potential dangers and more. The article will also seek to discover statistics on how prevalent alcohol use--and alcoholism--is in the church.
  • The Fourth Great Wave of the Holy Spirit is Underway
    These significant prophetic words about the last great move of God are manifesting before our eyes. Larry Sparks offers an overview with evidence that will encourage our readers to keep praying.
  • Getting Past Your Identity Crisis
    Your past does not define who you are, that your fears and insecurities can be replaced with the truth of God's Word, and that when you truly encounter God, you will discover who you are. This article uncovers seven key truths from the “I am” statements of Jesus and helps readers understand that by discovering who Jesus is, they will unlock life. 

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