Charisma - 2018 / 04 APR


Back to Basics - The Greatest Commandments

Francis Chan explains why the church's next step is a radical return to its roots. Loving God and loving others have become his sole focus.


  • The Psalm 112 Promise
    Following the Psalm 112 promise leads to a life of stability and prosperity rather tham one of insecurity and double-mindedness.
  • The Legacy of Billy Graham
    Billy Graham spent more than 60 years evangelizing the world. In this issue, we celebrate his life and legacy.
  • It's Time to Clean House
    The charismatic-Pentecostal movement is guilty of harboring abuse. We must waste no more time but purge this sin from among us.
  • Renew Your Strength
    In this hurried and harried age, spirit-led Christians can find true rest as they look to God in faith that He has all things under His control.


  • 'People are not projects' says pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.
  • Kathy Lee Gifford's trip to Israel revolutionizes her faith.
  • Author urges women to stop comparing and start supporting.
  • Faithful 'hospice mama' cares for terminally ill babies.


  • This Month's Resources
    Let There Be Light
    Jentezen Franklin's, Love Like You've Never Been Hurt
    and more.
    • Reviews
      Jordan Feliz's, Future
      Remedy Drive's, The North Star
      Benham Brothers', Miracle in Shreveport

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