Charisma - 2018 / 07 JUL


Give Them Liberty - Training Champions for Christ

One of America's largest Christian universities continues to grow under Jerry Falwell's leadership. God is using Liberty University to educate believers to expand his kingdom.


  • Miracles Changed My Mind about Miracles
    Well-known apologist and best-selling author Lee Strobel uses his legal mind to make the case for miracles today.
  • Called to the Family Business
    Pentecostal pastors Rich and DawnChere Wilkerson lead Miami's Millennia-friendly Vous Church.
  • Laboring for Revival
    Pentecostal pastor Javier Bertucci sees signs of revival as God moves Venezuela, a nation rife with crime, poverty and witchcraft.
  • Accessing the Anointing
    God's power helps us fulfill spiritual assignments, break oppression and catapult His people into their destiny in Christ.
  • Free in Christ
    Maintain your spiritual deliverance with six key strategies, from submitting to God to being filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • What's Your Sign?
    Dabbling in horoscopes and the zodiac can open people up to influence of familiar spirits that attempt to rule their lives.


  • Talk to anyone about Jesus without fear.
  • Former model exposes demonic root of hypersexualized culture.
  • Spirit-filled megachurch eliminates huge medical debt for families.
  • Lakewood pastor learns from son's autism.


  • This Month's Resources
    Kristen Padilla's  Now That I'm Called
    Lincoln Brewster's  God of the Impossible
    and Provident Films'  Kirk Cameron: Connect
    • Reviews
      Christine Caine's  Unexpected
      and Chris McClarney's  Breakthrough

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