Charisma - 2018 / 08 AUG


Rise & Act

Brigitte Gabriel in defense of American values, freedom, and security. How her firsthand experience with evil inspired her to start a grass-roots organization that protects freedom.


  • Prosper and Be in Health
    Benny Hinn stunned the Christian world when he said he had changed his views on the prosperity gospel. He explains what true biblical prosperity means.
  • Spirit-Focused
    Since starting at an Anglican church in London, Alpha has helped thousands come into a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • God in Our Image?
    Paul warned the early church not too be deceived by false gospels. Has today's church fallen for a knockoff Jesus?
  • What It Means to Speak in Tongues
    The baptism of the Holy Spirit is a powerful gift from God. So let's get our theology straight.
  • 4 Steps for Deliverance That Lasts
    Spring may be long over, but it's never too late to clean the demons out of the rooms of your heart.


  • This Pulse survivor fell in love with Jesus and left the LGBT lifestyle behind.
  • Jimmy Evans shares how he overcame the spirits of fear and depression.
  • Ministry leader calls out the church's modern "moment of failure."


  • This Month's Resources
    Kimberley Daniel's  Breaking the Power of Familiar Spirits
    Michael Youssef's  Life-Changing Prayers
    Hillsong Young & Free's  III
    and more
    • Reviews
      Frank Viola's  Insurgence
      and Provident Film's  I Can Only Imagine

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