Charisma - 2015 / 01 JAN

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The Juice Lady's Keys to Health and Healing
Before being known as "The Juice Lady," Cherie Calbom was sick, tired and dying. Yet after two miraculous healings, she developed a healthy lifestyle that has millions following suit.

Featured Articles

•  21 Days With the Holy Spirit
What would happen if your mornings for the next three weeks began with a date
with the Holy Spirit? Here's a 21-day plan that could transform your life.

•  Healing a Broken Heart
7 steps to cooperate with God through emotional healing from heartache, trauma or

•  When Does God Sanction War?
Why we must all wrestle with the role justice plays in everyday warfare-both
physical and spiritual.

•  How to Move Heaven With Your Prayers
Biblical heroes like Moses knew the secrets to powerful prayers with supernatural
results. Follow their lead and expect the miraculous.

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