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Digital Church

Life.Church (formerly, led by Pastor Craig Groeschel, right, has been on the frontlines of innovation in the digital age. Pastor Bobby Gruenewald, left, shares his expertise—and that of other online congregations across the nation—to help other churches in using technology to reach people for Christ.

Featured Articles

  • Technology in the Church
    Step back and see the pros and cons of technology for your
    congregation in these cyber times.
  • Cultivating Worldwide Connections
    Global ministry turns local as the church takes hold of technological innovation.
  • Gauging Your Internal GPS
    Is your internal GPS set on the right goal, or are you headed in the wrong direction?
  • Studying the Word Online
    Digital tools aid pastors in their Scripture study and sermon preparation.
  • Growing and Giving in the Digital Church
    Churches are addressing the challenges of engaging online churchgoers, fostering connections and encouraging giving.
  • Beyond the Paper Trail
    Consider how the role of the church administrator is changing with today’s digital tools.
    • More Than Brisket
      Health care executive John Rivers heard from God in a most unusual way. As a result, he launched a “barbecue ministry” that has grown into a chain of popular restaurants.

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