Ministry Today - 2016 / 01 JAN-FEB

Cover Story

Empowered By Grace
Pastor John Bevere knows from personal experience what it means to be empowered by God's grace to exceed his natural abilities. He explains that the scriptures don't limit grace to God's unmerited favor, but we can grow in the grace of God's empowerment and lead our teams in that direction as well. Bevere shares his views on grace in our Cover Story and in a Charisma Podcast Network series.

Featured Articles

  • The Truth Of Relationship Grace
    Consider how truth and grace play out in the workplace.
  • Grace In The Arts
    See how faith guides the art of a ballerina and a painter.
  • Fielding Faith
    Following Christ makes a sports career more than just a game.
  • Uncensored
    Dare to embrace the entire Bible in your preaching and teaching.
  • It's My Pleasure
    Learn lessons from Chick-fil-A on commitment to the cause
  • Using Spiritual Gifts In Business
    Examine the ministry role of Christians at work
    • Divine Appointments
      Learn how to follow the Holy Spirit in the corporate world                                                                                                                       

    Ministry Leadership

    • Finance: 8 things to keep in mind when budgeting
    • Announcements: 3 questions to discern what I announce Sunday                                                    

    Ministry Outreach

    • Church Growth: Why your church outreach depends on change.

    Ministry Life

    • Trials: "Et tu, Brute?" How to handle betrayal and rejection

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