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Tell It Well
Dr. Rice Broocks works with congregations around the globe to make evangelism training as integral to the church as worship and youth ministry. Most churches are not growing their congregations through winning non-Christians to Christ, and most don't have an evangelist on staff to train believers to reach out in a winsome way. See what Dr. Broocks, the man behind the God Test app and the God's Not Dead movies, is doing to help the church become more engaging.

Featured Articles

  • Faith-Filled Planning
    Do your part to plan as you trust in the good future God is preparing for your church.
  • Pain In Public
    Shoreline Church Pastors Rob and Laura Koke provide a model for grieving a family tragedy as the world watches.
  • Doing The Greatest Work On Earth
    Christians can actively influence the marketplace under the blessing of God.
  • Created To Work
    Learn how the study of apologetics made me a better steward of our family insurance business.
  • Networking For The Kingdom-Minded
    Believers discover the benefits of alignment with each other through the ministry of the Christian Chamber of Commerce

    Ministry Leadership

    • Growth: How to get your small groups past the 30 percent hurdle
    • Preaching: Take your preaching skills to the next level of excellence                                                    

    Ministry Outreach

    • Rest: How to make Sunday the best day of the week

    Ministry Life

    • Pastor's Heart: Learning how to forgive your people is critical to ministry

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