Ministry Today - 2016 / 04 JUL-AUG

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Hatfields & McCoys
The most famous feud in America has lessons for families, churches and organizations on how to resolve conflict.

Featured Articles

  • Family Fights
    Four pastors from different backgrounds explore the best ways to handle conflict in the church
  • Pre-Or Post-Millennial?
    A journalist examines recent research on pastors' eschatological views on the rapture, the tribulation and the Antichrist
  • Passing On The Mantle
    Longtime pastor and evangelist Marilyn Hickey explains how she is passing on her ministry to younger leaders
  • Equipped For Influence
    Seattle's Citadel Church pastor challenges his fellow ministers to guide wealth-builders toward greater influence for Christ

Ministry Matters

  • Technology: Listen for "gut checks" for a seamless service
  • Worship: Learn how to build a great team in a small church
  • Kids: Observe how Jesus interacted with children

Ministry Leadership

  • Personal Character: Embrace 7 critical behaviors to be a great leader

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