Ministry Today - 2016 / 05 SEP-OCT

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Plant Power
Seacoast Church pastor Greg Surratt has made it his life’s work to support startup churches wherever God calls His people to plant one.

Featured Articles

  • Capital Congregation
    Pastor Mark Batterson and National Community Church reaches the unchurched and dechurched with unconventional style.
  • Unfair Advantage
    Believers benefit from the daily leading of the Holy Spirit—their unfair advantage—in the marketplace.
  • Directed By God
    Expression 58 pastor finds his prophetic gift helps to translate God’s voice and aid Christian leaders in the marketplace.
  • The Shoe That Grows
    College student Kenton Lee was gripped by an African orphan’s critical need for shoes—and labored to do something about it.

Ministry Matters

  • Technology: Avoid the rush to fix church tech issues with paid staff.
  • Worship: Choose to grow for the betterment of your team.
  • Kids: Help your team shift from “volunteers” to “ministers.”

Ministry Leadership

  • Diverse Voices: Learn about listening to people different than you.

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