Angels and Demons

The Complete Guide to Understanding How They Operate

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    Beyond our normal senses there lies another dimension more
    real and lasting than anything we can imagine.  It is a world
    populated by both angels and demons, and it is essential that
    we understand it. 

    In Angels and Demons Ron Phillips brings you a definitive guide
    to these supernatural beings, providing a basic training manual
    in the war between good and evil.  We are not powerless against
    the forces of darkness, but to survive we must know both our
    allies and our real enemies.
    Divided into two parts for easy understanding, sections include:

    •   Where they originated
    •   How they operate
    •   How they are activated

    •   Tracing their history
    •   Understanding their dynasty
    •   Enforcing and maintaining the victory over them

  • RON PHILLIPS, DMin, is senior pastor of Abba’s House in
    Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Under his ministry, this church has experienced
    tremendous growth and has exploded into new realms of renewal and spiritual
    awakening.  In 1989 he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed
    his life forever and produced a deeper passion to reach the world with the
    powerful message of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Ron Phillips From
    Abba’s House is broadcast on television worldwide and is also available on the Internet.  He is a
    sought-after conference and crusade speaker and the author of thirty-four books.

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    • Publisher: Charisma House
    • Imprint: Charisma House
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    • Publication Date: 20150407
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