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The Three Enemies of Your Mental Health: Gain Lasting Victory Over the Devil, the Flesh, and the World

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The war over your mind doesn’t have to be lost.

After reading this book, I will have the understanding and the wisdom needed to seek the Lord for the well‐being of my mind as I learn more about how to tackle spiritual warfare issues.

Brief Summary

In this transformative book, licensed mental health professional Kenza Haddock exposes the three insidious forces that attack mental health daily, providing readers with the tools to gain lasting victory.

Drawing from her expertise in treating complex mental health conditions through both clinical methods and biblical wisdom, Haddock empowers readers to open their eyes to the subtle attacks on their mental health and take proactive steps toward healing. By understanding each enemy, readers will be able to identify the root causes of their struggles instead of waiting for symptoms to appear. This provides readers with the greatest opportunity to tackle issues in their early stages.

Merging mental health counsel with spiritual warfare, this book guides readers through practical strategies to overcome the devil's schemes, tame the desires of the flesh, and navigate the challenges posed by the world. Haddock gives believers a road map for addressing the complexities of their mental health journey, arming them with knowledge, insight, and practical tools to claim the joy, peace, and abundant life Jesus died for them to have.

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About the Author

Kenza Haddock, LPCS, BCPC, is a licensed professional counselor supervisor and an accredited clinical trauma specialist with expertise in treating complex mental health conditions through both clinical and biblical methods. A former Muslim, she has spoken at conferences and churches and been featured in numerous news outlets regarding the intersection of Christianity and mental health counseling. Haddock and her husband own Oceanic Counseling Group LLC, an outpatient mental health agency headquartered in South Carolina. She also was a cofounder of the #healSC campaign, which raised awareness about mental health issues and garnered statewide media attention.

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