Alive In The Spirit

50 days to a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit

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  • Let the Holy Spirit into your life.
    Let’s be real! If you can’t put a 2,000-piece puzzle together without all the pieces, how can you possibly live the life God planned for you without the Holy Spirit? You were never designed simply to limp your way through life, avoiding all the pitfalls until you finally get to heaven.
    In just fifty days, you can discover an ever-present friend who will help you face every situation, calm your troubled heart, whisper encouragement into your ear, and become your spiritual teacher and confidant.
    Clive Calver introduces you to the Holy Spirit in an easy, heartfelt style by inviting you to share in a unique individual or small group study that includes: vital facts, a thought for the day, a summary of the reading, questions to contemplate, an area for reflection, focused prayer, and a quote for each day.
    “My desire is that the Holy Spirit will be given the position in your life that He deserves, and that you will know the power of the Holy Spirit in ways that perhaps you have never known before.”
  • Clive Calver is the senior pastor of Walnut Hill Community Church in Bethel, Connecticut. Calver has served as the president of World Relief, the director general of the Evangelical Alliance of the United Kingdom, program director of Billy Graham's Mission England, and national director of Youth for Christ in Britain.

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