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The Drumbeat of Latin America

One church in America has been in revival for 25 years, but the sound of awakening is echoing in Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and other Latin American nations.

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  • Revival Fire Spreading in American Cities
    Mass salvations, atmospheric miracles and the glory of God are marking a new wave of awakening in cities in large and small.
  • Radical Revival Falls on Churches in China
    The Holy Spirit is moving in communist-controlled churches, and the result is miraculous.
  • Mega Prayers
    This 120,000 member church in South Korea has been holding services every day for 35 years in the power of prayer.
  • How the Holy Spirit Is Producing in Hollywood
    Believers are not just banking on multimillion-dollar Christian film success; they are being witnesses for Christ
  • The Real Reason Revival Tarries
    Thr Azusa Street Revival offers lessons in igniting and stewarding an outpouring that the modern church needs to take heart.


  • Meet the inventor who could help end thirst and food waste in the Third World
  • Christian rapper's prophetic music draws people to God's table
  • Church of God pastors take a leap of faith


  • Pathway to His Presence; Walking to Jerusalem; Caged No More; Don't Go to Bed Angry; Unashamed; and more
  • Reviews: Glenn Paauw's Saving the Bible From Ourselves and Sony Pictures' Risen


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