Charisma Magazine - 2019 / 02 FEBRUARY

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    Hurting People Need Real Talk

    Kimberly Jones-Pothier, also known as "Real Talk Kim," is reaching the next generation with a mix of tough love and encouragement.


    • Spoiled Fruit
      Why Christian leaders can still operate in the anointing, even when they are living a life of sin.
    • Growing the Vine
      What a move of God in Northern Ireland can teach today's church about loving our communities.
    • Are You Winning the War Against Sugar
      The key to claiming victory in your fight against cancer may be simple Scripture-based nutrition.
    • They Are Not Unloved
      The Bible demonstrates that God's heart is to heal children who have special needs.
    • From Fleshly Desire to Freedom in Jesus
      How this former adult-film actress helps free people trapped in bondage to the sex industry.
    • Meet Yeshua HaMashiach
      It's time for the church to recognize the significance of Jesus' Jewish heritage.


    • A Spirit-filled missionary is martyred during his visit to a remote tribe
    • Worship breaks out during a White House faith briefing
    • Michael W. Smith sings "Friends" at his friend George H.W. Bush's funeral


    • Spirit-Led Resources
      Andrew Wilson's  Spirit and Sacrament
      Tim Hill's  The Speed of Favor
      Bethel Music's  Victory
      • Reviews
        Switchfoot's  Native Tongue
        Wayne Grudem's  Christian Ethics

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