Charisma Magazine - 2019 / 12 DECEMBER

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    Highly Favored and Blessed

    Mary believed in God's promises even when she couldn't see them. Today's church could use that same attitude. 


    • The Gift of Vulnerability
      On the first day of Christmas, Jesus chose love over power. Will you make that same choice this Christmas?
    • Healing Through Hard Conversations
      Don't bury your emotions any longer. Discover the four keys to becoming an emotionally healthy believer.
    • Happy New Era
      The New Year may usher in a new prophetic season. Be prepared for what's coming next in the spiritual realm.
    • Inherit the Earth
      The promised land is not only a physical piece of land in Israel, but a prophetic picture of God's eternal kingdom.
    • Appreciating God
      Grow your gratitude and love for the Creator by simply enjoying the world He has created.
    • His Name is Wormwood
      The third trumpet will bring devastating judgment upon the earth. But maybe we've been reading it all wrong.


    • Benny Hinn renounces the prosperity gospel as offensive to the Holy Spirit.
    • Baptisms and testimonies mark the Orlando Freedom March.
    • Chris Tomlin performs worship with Florida Georgia Line.


    • Mark Batterson's  Double Blessing
    • Robert Morris'  Take the Day Off
    • Hillsong Worship's  Awake
    • Review:  Latasha Morrison's  Be the Bridge
    • Review:  Andrew Peterson's  Adorning the Dark

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