Charisma Magazine - 2021 / 03 MARCH

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    Reclaiming Biblical Manhood - By Dr. Tim Clinton

    Godly men make a difference as they take their rightful place at home, in church and in culture.


    • True Masculinity - By Charisma staff
      Learn how men can reclaim their God-given masculinity when culture seeks to eat away at His creative intent by belittling men and their place in society
    • The War on Gender - By AJ Hall
      The church must address the growing transgender movement or suffer the consequences of staying silent.
    • Fight Hate with Love - By Joshua Lindquist
      Protests against George Floyd's tragic death opened up opportunities for salvations and baptisms on the streets of U.S. cities.
    • Holy Spirit Overflow - By Anahid Schweikert
      See what great things God is doing through a young couple building a church not far from America's capital.
    • Revitalize the Family - By Michael Youssef
      Make God the center of your family and trust Him to grow, bless, guide and protect your loved ones in a world gone mad.


        • Christ for all Nations leads many thousands to the Lord in Tanzania
        • Tulsa-area megachurch distributes millions in gifts


        • Rekindle the Alter Fire
        • You Might Be a Pharisee If...
        • Trafficked
        • Cochren & Co.'s - Don't Lose Hope
        • Annie F. Down's - That Sounds Fun

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