Charisma - 2014 / 11 NOV

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Spiritual Warfare: How to Counter Satan's Attack on Your Family Amid the culture war against the family unit, we can't forget the real battle is in the spiritual realm. Here's how to counter Satan's assult at home.

Featured Articles

•  Praying Down Powers and Principalities
Though many people go to unhealthy extremes in their approach to spiritual warfare,
the Bible gives us a model for effecting change in the spiritual realm.

•  The Devil's Playbook
Exposing the top 3 tactics Satan uses to derail and destroy us.

•  Discerning Spirits in the Church
Often the spirits we face within the church are just as evil as those outside–which is
why we must increase our ability to discern.

•  Battling the Behemoths of Our Time
As one massive stronghold around the world falls, another is rising. How do we
recognize and defeat these powerful evil forces in the spirit?

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