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The Case for the MEV
Does the world really need another Bible translation? Charisma reports on the state of Scripture engagement today and how the new Modern English Version could impact trends and change lives.

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•  My Roots in a Biblical Revolution
Steve Strang has known for years that his ancestry included a famous Bible
translator, but it wasn't until publishing the MEV that this lineage took on a whole
new meaning.

•  The Making of a Bible Translation
The miraculous story of how the Modern English Version came to be

•  The Word Made Fresh
How the MEV brings the beauty of the King James Version into the 21st century.

•  Dumb and Dumber: How Bible Illiteracy Is Killing Our Nation
Despite having more access to Scripture, we're the most biblically illiterate
generation in history. Here's why that's affecting our culture—and what we can do to
curb the trend.

•  How to Read the Bible Like Jesus
5 elements from the greatest Bible study ever to help direct your own study time.

•  Stand Tough in Tough Times
Ron Luce's world was rocked when his daughter was the lone survivor of a plane
crash that killed four young men. Here's what he's since learned about faith when
life doesn't make sense.

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