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  • Dr. Mark Duplantis uses a unique approach to answer this question in his insightful book. Taking you to King Solomon's prayer of dedication for the temple in 2 Chronicles 6, he identifies the significant principles it provides for the structure of the church.

    After noting Solomon's humility and surrender before God, The Constitution for the House of God examines several tenets that form God's plan for the church. It is to:
    •Keep covenant and show mercy, kindness, and God's anointing. •Teach the Word, use righteous judgment, and protect unity. •Display the names of God and practice the truth that God is not limited. •Minister forgiveness and reconciliation, salvation and healing. •Confirm generational promises coming to pass. •Experience revival on three levels. •Be at war with the enemy. •Be the habitation of God, receiving showers of blessings.Open your heart and receive this fervent exhortation for your church to seek the heart of God and become a house of purity, power, and praise, which is government in action. (Matt. 21:10-14).

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