Charisma Leader Magazine - 2018 / 01 FALL

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    Successful entrepreneur Charlie Lewis calls Christian leaders to live as kingdom citizens.


    • 'Give Us Our City'
      A Texas church releases community members from heavy medical debt.
    • Heartland America
      A small-town pastor embraces God's vision for rural America.
    • The Altar Call
      Reach souls in your church with a clear invitation.
    • The Remnant
      Ministry leader calls believers to be faithful to the end.
    • Leadership Stress
      Avoid the common stress points for church and marketplace leaders to your peril.
    • Workplace Trials
      Learn about a five-point plan to move leaders to triumph.
    • The 8th Mountain
      The quality of the believer's relationship with God impacts his kingdom influence.
    • Liberty HealthShare
      Believers who opt for healthcare sharing fulfill the command to "bear one another's burdens."
    • FaithStay
      A new home-sharing site encourages biblical hospitality.
    • 828 Clothing
      A former NFL player and his wife launch a fashion brand tied to Romans 8:28.


    • Take 5
      Mark Driscoll reflects on the Spirit's work in his life.
    • Technology
      Prepare your team to handle the unexpected.
    • Worshiping
      Reach people with the gospel through the arts.
    • Kids
      Help summer campers encounter God's kingdom.
    • Talking Points
      Reflect on key points and meaningful quotes from this issue.


      • The Leader's Notebook
        Avoid judging biblical leaders by today's standards.
      • Word & Spirit
        Walk in the Spirit, but don't forget His Word.
      • On Platform
        Submit to the leadership of the Good Shepherd to rest in peaceful pasture.

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