Charisma Leader Magazine - 2019 / 02 SPRING

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    Mobilizing Moms
    Mandy Arioto helps families thrive through MOPS International, which partners with the local church to support young families.


    • What Women Want From Kidmin Leaders
      Start caring effectively for children while keeping mom's expectations in mind.
    • The Least of These
      World Vision's latest campaign urges Christians to leave their comfort zones and follow Jesus in word and actions..
    • Lead With Millennials in Mind
      The next generation needs coaching, mentoring and discipling to become strong kingdom leaders.
    • Lead Well Through Life's Detours
      When distractions threaten your vision, it's time to really press in. Here's how.
    • She Works His Way
      If you're a woman in the workplace, here are 10 ways to keep God's priorities front and center.
    • iWork4Him
      The media ministry launched by Jim and Martha Bragenberg inspires believers to work for more than just a paycheck.
      An Indiana company thrives, thanks to a commitment to give generously and support missions work.
    • Stuck in Normal
      Avoid getting bogged down and frustrated in your leadership with five simple practices.


    • Take 5
      Jim Raley on criticism, leading and rest
    • Worship
      One reason worship leaders leave churches
    • Kids
      Four principles to reset, refocus and reconnect
    • Talking Points
      Quick takeaways for the on-the-go leader


      • The Leader's Notebook
        When should God's people seek counseling?
      • Word & Spirit
        Christians should direct their prayers to God the Father.
      • On Their Shoulders
        Charles Fuller's compassion continues to impact nations.
      • Guest Column
        Beware the danger of premature success.
      • Kingdom Economics
        Discover the hidden secret to handling pressure as a leader.
      • On Platform
        Hire for long-term benefit, not short-term need.

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