Dancing With the Devil

An Honest Look Into the Occult from Former Followers

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  • Recognizing the real face of the occult
    Its tentacles have infiltrated the very fiber of our day-to-day existence. Its symbols adorn our buildings, our currency, and the clothes and jewelry we wear. Its followers are legion, some of them blind to their own devotion while others pour out effort and intellect searching for an understanding of the divine.
    It is the occult, and it dominates the world’s mind-set.
    Jeff Harshbarger and his friends know about occult practices. After two unsuccessful suicide attempts and an offer to become a human sacrifice, Jeff left his life of Satanism to pursue a life with God. Dancing With the Devil tells his story along with the stories of nine others who have walked similar paths, including:
    ·          Satanism
    ·          Witchcraft
    ·          Demon possession
    ·          Spiritualism
    ·          Psychic vampirism
    Each author’s account reveals the spiritual truths that enabled him or her to break free. Their stories weave a tapestry that shows the true face of the occult and the path we can take to break Satan’s hold on those caught in its crosshairs.
  • Jeff Harshbarger is the founding president of Refuge Ministries, an outreach he began upon leaving Satanism to provide assistance to people escaping the occult. An ordained minister, he has master’s degrees in youth ministry and Christian counseling and is the author of From Darkness to Light.
    • ISBN-10: 1616386959
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781616386955
    • Number Of Pages: 224
    • Publisher: Charisma House
    • Imprint: Charisma House
    • Height: 9 in
    • Thickness: 0.56 in
    • Width: 6 in
    • Publication Date: 20120904
    • Language: English

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