Don't Grow Weary

Seven Master Keys That Will Release You Into God's Design

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  • When God created you, He entrusted you with an assignment that no one else can fulfill.

    The enemy knows that if you were to realize your destiny in Christ, you would be a devastating force to the kingdom of darkness. Satan will do everything he can to keep you weary, distracted, and defeated, to hold you among the ranks of unfulfilled assignments and unrealized potential.

    God has given you the keys that will free you from the burdens that are weighing you down and wearing you out. You have the power to set an atmosphere of peace and life, or one of discouragement and death. Make the choice today to shut the door to the enemy, and open doors of blessing and prosperity over your life.

    The keys within these pages will unlock the chains that have kept you in bondage. Learn to use them. Break free from the weight that has been holding you back, and embark on the path to fulfilling your destiny. Do not despise the small beginnings. You are on your way. Don’t Grow Weary.

  • Dr. Larry Linkous is a third generation preacher whose more than forty years of public ministry experiences has sharpened his awareness and sensitivity to the challenges and needs of people in this demanding world. Larry spent his younger years out of Bible school in evangelism and youth ministry, but early on realized his true calling as pastor, a shepherd of God's sheep.

    Dr. Linkous has been married for forty-four years to his wife Sandra and they pastor a great inter-denominational multicultural church on the Space Coast of Florida, a church they founded in 1983. In 1990, Larry began a daily two-and-a-half hour radio program Thee Morning Drive that continues to broadcast daily Monday thru Friday from 6:30 to 9:00 eastern time airing on many stations across the nation and streaming around the world at www.FindNew

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