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  • Romance…intrigue…murderous plots…Esther’s story has been the stuff of legends for more than two millennia. She was a Jewish orphan girl plucked from obscurity to become Queen of Persia-known today as Iran. When she learned of a maniacal conspiracy to destroy the Jews, she put her own life on the line to save her people. Thus, Esther became a heroine for all time.How did Esther come to the throne at just the right time? The amazing answer awaits you. Now her story is brought to life through Eleanor Liggens’ historical novel. About the author: Eleanor Liggens graduated from Northeast Louisiana University with a major in elementary education. She served in the Army for several years, reaching the rank of captain, and now works at the Washington Navy Yard as a budget analyst for the Navy. Eleanor and her two children, Danielle and James, live near Washington, D.C.

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