Fabulous at 50

Redefining midlife: body, mind and spirit

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  • Turn Back the Clock on Aging!
    How can you turn back the clock and make fifty feel like thirty in every respect? It ispossible. You can make your fifties—and beyond—the best years of your life. You can be fifty and fabulous.
    Janet Maccaro, PhD, CNC, tells you how as she redefines midlife and instructs you on:
    •Proper nutrition for attaining vibrant health as you age •Steps for enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness •Tips for zapping the top eight age accelerators •Stress, sleep, exercise, and more!
    Dr. Janet will help you manage every aspect of your midlife experience—dietary and health concerns, spiritual growth and maturity issues, anxiety and depression, the need to care for aging parents, and more. Each chapter also provides a protocol (a plan or method of action) to help you discover, manage, and redefine the aging process—body, mind, and spirit.
    You can be fifty and fabulous today!
  • Janet Maccaro, PhD, CNC, is a respected lecturer, author, and radio/television personality. She has doctorates in nutrition and natural healing and is also a leading expert in natural progesterone supplementation. She is internationally recognized for her knowledge in women’s health. Maccaro is a member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Dr. Maccaro has written several books, including 90-Day Immune System Makeover, Breaking the Grip of Dangerous Emotions, Natural Health Remedies, and her latest release, A Woman’s Body Balanced by Nature.

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