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  • God’s Rx for Inner Healing

    Inner healing is the healing of the mind and spirit. But what is God’s Rx for your inner healing? God’s Word tells us that we need to be transformed and aligned through Christ in order to be the recipient of all that He is. Alignment with Him is the path toward healing. Discover how to remove the roadblocks to inner healing such as:

    • Pride - Envy - Jealousy - Fear

    Remove these roadblocks and find freedom by renewing your heart and mind through forgiveness, prayer, and fellowship with others. Join James Gills, MD, to discover that spiritual alignment is indeed God’s Rx for Inner Healing.

    God’s Rx for Health and Wholeness

    We live in a culture that is inundated with blogs, social media postings, books, gimmicks, gadgets, fads, and infomercials—all aimed at diet, fitness, and well-being. While there are no magic formulas, God’s Word gives you the wisdom and insight to know you need to make healthy choices that restore health and wholeness in:

    • Body - Mind - Spirit

    All other advice you seek needs to fall behind God. God’s Rx for Health and Wholeness is making wise decisions in every area of your life while in awe of God’s wonderful creation—your body—and respecting it as His handiwork, protecting it as its steward, and remaining faithfully thankful for it. This book will help you apply biblical truth to one of your greatest needs while providing a path to hope and healing.

    God’s Rx for Fear and Worry

    Jesus gives you a clear command about worry: don’t do it! He wouldn’t have commanded you not to fear and worry so many times if it were impossible. Yet worry and fear are most people’s first reactions to circumstance. This reaction can seem unstoppable. But there is a cure—being thankful. Stress, fear, and worry all contribute to illness and disrupt the effectiveness of healing. Peace can be found when you:

    • Let go of fear
    • Trade worry for calm
    • Thank God for your relationship with Him
    • Trust Him to handle everything in your life, both now and in the future

    God is sovereign. He promises to never leave you or forsake you. In these pages, you will examine your fears and worries and discover how a thankful heart is indeed God’s Rx for Fear and Worry.

    God's Rx For Depression and Anxiety

    Your life can be free from depression and anxiety and filled instead with continuous joy! This book will help you apply biblical truth to one of your greatest needs while providing a path to hope and healing.

    He who set the universe in place can set your life in peace and joy. Do you want your depression and anxiety to be conquered by the love of God, your creator? James P. Gills, MD, points the way as he takes you on a remarkable and profound journey to discover how to surrender every care, concern, and anxious thought to Him; believe and receive His promises for your life; and adjust your spiritual eyesight and see the moments in your day through an eternal view, rather than what momentarily troubles you. Get ready to:

    • Encounter a new, trusting relationship with God by giving Him your mental health.
    • Experience His peace, power, and presence, no matter how depressing the circumstances might be.
    • Find new levels of profound joy.
    • Be set free by the love of God.

    Join Dr. Gills on the journey of a lifetime, one that will lead to new levels of true freedom and more joy that cannot be taken from you. Discover God’s Rx for Depression and Anxiety.




    • James P. Gills, MD, is the founder and director of St. Luke’s Cataract and Laser Institute in Tarpon Springs, Florida. In addition to earning a reputation as the most experienced cataract surgeon in the world, he has dedicated his life to restoring more than physical vision. Dr. Gills has been an active author about spiritual topics for many years. His books include Love: Fulfilling the Ultimate QuestDarwinism Under the MicroscopeCome Unto Me, and the God’s Rx series.


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